It was in the 1870’s that the lobster fishery in PEI really began boom. At that time, canning lobster became possible, and PEI lobster started shipping around the world. Since that time, the lobster industry has continued to grow to the point where, today, it accounts for 66% of the province’s fishery according to Collections Canada.

As the industry grew, so too did the need for an association to represent the Island’s lobster fishers. Formed in the early 1950’s, the Prince Edward Island Fishermen’s Association (PEIFA) represents six area associations on PEI:

Central Northumberland Strait Fishermen's Association (CNSFA)
Eastern Kings Fishermen's Association (EKFA)
North Shore Fishermen's Association (NSFA)
Prince County Fishermen's Association (PCFA)
Southern Kings and Queens Fishermen's Association (SKQFA)
Western Gulf Fishermen's Association (WGFA)

As PEI’s lobster fishery is a traditional one that dates back generations, Island lobster fishers work to maintain and grow our industry, while protecting our environment. We continue to pursue both fair trade and eco-certification initiatives in order to maintain a sustainable industry. Initiatives such as the release of female lobsters bearing eggs or of optimum breeding size, the use of eco-friendly gear, development and implementation of sustainability plans and enhanced quality programs, the collection of data and active participation in research, and specific limits are all measures we take in ensuring a fishery for generations to come.