Unofficial Results of 2017 Halibut Longline Science Survey Draw

September 11th, 2017

Thanks to Ian MacIsaac for assisting with the draw.  Ballots were drawn and the first 11 Captains were contacted. There were a total of 75 Captains who submitted a ballot and here are the top 20 ballots. Those that accept a station will stay on this draw order list, and those that opt out/decline the stations available will come off this list.  Confirmation on sites is ongoing over the next few days.  Captains can contact the PEIFA at 566-4050 to find out what number they were in the draw order.


  1. Darryl Donahue
  2. David Montgomery
  3. Robert Jamieson
  4. Tylor Deagle
  5. Nick Campbell
  6. Jody Greencorn
  7. Keith MacDonald
  8. Clark MacKay
  9. Doug Fraser
  10. Jordan Dixon
  11. John Murray MacLeod
  12. Aubrey Doucette
  13. David Buote
  14. Marc Campbell

 Thanks to all who’ve shown interest in the longline survey.  

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